Mariana Santos, better known as “Mariana, a miserável” (the miserable one), is a non-award winning illustrator. Having to support a cat with expensive tastes, she practices her craft in her home studio in Porto, Portugal.

At 18 she left her hometown Leiria, in Portugal, to study Graphic Design at ESAD and afterwards attended the first year of a Masters at FBAUP, in Porto. Despite her field of study she decided to make herself even more unacttractive to employment by choosing to pursue a career in her main talent and passion, illustration, fully committing her heart, soul and wallet to a miserable life.
Since then she has managed to produce multiple solo and group exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad, worked for big brands, renowned design studios, publishing houses, taught in universities, recognised by art critics, featured in most of the Portuguese press and internacional design publications.

Currently living between Porto and Lisbon, she continues to develop a body of work that spans illustration fields. From canvas in galleries to walls in buildings, from fashion accessories to online content and other multiple mediums, Mariana is a talented and hard working artist.

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01 Dec
A Noite de Natal – comemorações do centenário de Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
01 Dec
CAIS 25 Anos – Collective show - Lisboa, Portugal
27 Jun
Quintas de Leitura - Porto, Portugal
31 May
“A Casa Amarela” collective show – Cooperativa Árvore - Porto, Portugal
15 May
XXI Festival Clube dos Criativos de Portugal – “100 medos” - Lisboa, Portugal
04 May
Collective show in Senhora Presidenta curated by Gazete Azulejos - Porto, Portugal
13 Apr
Sábado feira - Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal
01 Mar
Poster for Cineclube do Porto - Porto, Portugal
25 Feb
workshop ó! Galeria - Lisboa, Portugal
09 Feb
workshop Papelaria Modelo - Porto, Portugal
03 Nov
Concertos para bebés – desenhos ao vivo - Leiria, Portugal
27 Oct
“Castigo” – solo show at Lavandaria - Lisboa, Portugal
29 Sep
Mural – WALK&TALK festival - Terceira, Açores
06 Sep
Workshop YETI youth education through illustration – Branca - Branca, Portugal
21 Jul
Workshop – Festival A Porta
20 Jul
Mural – Hat Weekend (Canal 180 | Museu da Chapelaria) - São João da Madeira, Portugal
30 Jun
100 Dollar Bills Y’All – collective show Circus
14 Jun
Mural – Conquista o Sonho (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol) - Paredes de Coura, Portugal
02 Jun
“Ilustração Portuguesa” – collective show - Setúbal, Portugal
16 May
Lucky Art collective show – Clube dos Criativos de Portugal || Santa Casa – Lisboa - Lisboa, Portugal
10 Mar
Workshop IED – Madrid - Madrid, Spain
23 Feb
Quintas de Leitura - Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto
09 Nov → 24 Nov
Mariana, a miserável + Maria Imaginário - Art Room, Pátio do Tijolo 1, Lisboa, Portugal
11 Sep → 15 Sep
Workshop at ESAD’s Illustration and Digital Animation Post-Graduation - Matosinhos, Portugal
02 Sep
illustrations for Beija-flor diary
01 Sep
desenhos para agenda do serviço educativo – Casa da Música
21 Jul
Witches Brew collective show - Rua das Gaivotas, Lisboa
17 Jun
Mural – Gaia Todo um Mundo
01 Jun
“Depois do Vulcão” collective show – Walk&Talk, Açores - São Miguel, Açores
06 May → 11 Jun
PORTO CRUZ collective show - El Corte Inglés de Gaia, Avenida da República, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
10 Mar
workshop – Bilbao Arte - Bilbao, Spain
01 Mar
“Um Manto de Todas as Cores” collective show – Museu de Leiria - Leiria, Portugal
11 Feb
Workshop – El Corte Inglés - El Corte Inglés de Gaia, Avenida da República, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
25 Jan
Drink and Draw
19 Jan
Quintas de Leitura - Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto, Portugal
01 Jan
Illustrations for USE IT map - Porto, Portugal
19 Nov
Solo Show - Lisboa, Portugal
01 Oct
Fanzine edited by SEE project - South Korea
23 Jul
Fanzine “4” – Ó! Galeria - Porto, Portugal
01 Jul → 15 May
Projecto WATT - Algarve
22 Jun
Expo Miscelanea - Barcelona, Spain
01 Jun → 05 Jun
Festival A Porta - Leiria, Portugal