Walk&Talk Azores 2014

July, 2014

10 x 3 m.

The walk&talk went like this:

· I learned what “águas vivas” is
· I met wonderful people
· I saw tropical rain
· I got sunburn even with factor 50
· I tasted “bolo lêvedo”
· I visited a small island that looks like a paradise
· I walked 14 km wearing flip-flops
· I made a 10 meters long drawing
· I swam with swans
· I found that in another life I was a builder
· I ate “cozido à portuguesa” cooked in Furnas
· I met Gomes e Santos pastry shop (I gave up the diet)
· I lost my pencil
· I explained my miserability on the radio
· I learned that when you ask for a cheese croissant here, butter also comes included

I would like to thank the Walk&Talk guys for this invitation and for receiving me so well
Thanks also to Andrea, my volunteer assistant who helped me painting the mural and to all others who passed through and gave me moral support

jornal i

(photos by: Sara Pinheiro 1 6, Rui Soares 2 7, Pascal Ferreira 3, Paulo Pimenta 4)