July, 2016

WATT? is an art project carried out in the Algarve region, promoted within Arte Pública of EDP Foundation and produced by LAC.

This project is integrated in the Public Art Project by EDP Foundation, a countrywide program of public art projects in rural environments as a tool of social inclusion and driven towards low density territories.

WATT? aims toward giving access and involving local communities in new cultural experiences and art in general as well as stimulating local development through the realization of works of art in a rural context.

With the intention of encompassing all of the Algarve – Winward to Leeward – EDP and LAC’s
challenge was enthusiastically taken on by Vila do Bispo, Barão de São João, Mexilhoeira Grande / Figueira, São Bartolomeu de Messines, Alte and Alportel.

WATT? will produce and develop 20 art works, comprehending interventions of artists with community participation alongside with joint interventions by the artists.

Artists _ Jorge Pereira, Mariana A Miserável, Menau, Padure, Susana Gaudêncio, Tiago Batista e Xana